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October 12, 2006



It's sad, isn't it. What we're witnessing is the predictable outcome of the business model applied to children, the attitude that humans are no different than parts in a machine, and that education is no more complicated than assembling a toaster. If you think that way about children, then sitting them down in front of a computer and calling the result "learning" is acceptable. Those of us who actually work with kids know better.


This is a brilliant piece. Thank you. My daughter attends school in Port Huron. Here all math students must achieve a 70% or higher on every chapter test to pass a math course. The tests count for 80% of their grades...Here's the kicker...so many students are failing that the District put them in computer labs so they can teach themselves...punch the keyboards until they get that 70%. My daughter talked to her friends in these "classes." They aren't learning anything. The District said students had to show a 70% proficiency to prove they are ready to move on to the next required math class. Again, so many students are failing, they are being moved into second semester sections even thought they failed the first. It's a travesty.

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