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March 04, 2009



No, I haven't read it yet, but I'm going to. What is very interesting to me, and something I didn't discuss in "In Michigan, It's All Business, As Ususal," is that one of the background readings the "task force" was provided was a piece by, I believe, the same author on the education system in China. It highlighted the "strong central control" that Chinese government has over education, and how it allowed the system to respond quickly to the needs of the economy. Strange how the needs of our economy trump the needs of our democracy. What's funny now is that China is actually loosening its grip on the classroom because they've realized that diversity of thought is necessary to foster creativity, and creativity is what the economic health of their country, and our country, really needs.


I assume you have read "Catching Up or Leading the Way." Your thoughts?


If you believe your children are simply highly evolved animals, then by all means bring them up accordingly. That is your right as a parent. My point is that I have the same right to bring up my children according to my beliefs. For that to happen schools need to be under local control, where parents have more input into curriculum than educrats in Lansing and Washington D.C.

NCLB could have a chance to work if humans were simply parts of a machine, or animals to be trained to perform, but we're not.
NCLB was not forced upon us to narrow any achievement gap. That was just part of the advertising. Its purpose was to hand control of education in the United States to corporate interests that wish a more compliant, predictable work force and gullible customers for its products.
It is a costly, disastrous mistake, so apparent that even the Texas Republican Party, who brought us NCLB (via George W. Bush, Sandy Kress, and Rod Paige), called for it to be abolished as part of their 2008 party platform in no uncertain terms.


We are animals, with highly evolved brains. That doesn't turn us into anything "divine". Divinity is an invention of our species, a human conceit. We evolved by competing with other animals, and the verdict is still out as to whether we will be as successful as previous species, such as the dinosaurs. I realize that must be quite an affront to the author. Part of the reason we have been as successful as we are is the fact we work together, sort of like a pack of wolves, or herd of wildebeest.
This is not to say NCLB is a good program, but it is not a bad program because of it's intent to bring the level of education in this country up.

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